FIT (Focused Integrated Talent) approach involves storing 54 job success attributes and information relating to the attributes of job seekers. These attributes are gathered through a scientifically created evaluation and administered via Computer Based Testing (CBT) in a proctored environment across PAN India.Hence a database of eligible candidates is stored than can be accessed instantaneously.

  1. Such attributes include educational backgrounds, desires and interests of a job, Aptitudes, Multiple Intelligences, Personality Traits, Learning Styles, Skills etc….
  2. Such attributes necessarily differ between career positions and are dependent on the type of position as well as the experience of the job seeker.
  3. The set of attributes known or stored about a particular job seeker is typically more complete than particular attributes that a given potential employer is seeking.
  4. Potential employers then express their interest in obtaining employees with a particular set of attributes, optionally including the importance of some attributes over others.
  5. FIT considers the desired attributes as expressed by the potential employer and matches it with the known attributes of a library of potential employees within that career heading, and further ranks the importance expressed by the employer in determining the rankings of attributes to result in a list of potential employees that best match the interests.
  6. Such list may be further considered by a recruiting professional (e.g., headhunter) before being passed on to the employer or may be passed directly to the employer


FIT PRE-CERTIFY® is a scientifically created evaluation administered via Computer Based Testing (CBT) in a proctored environment across PAN India that creates a database of eligible candidates than can be accessed instantaneously 24 X 7. This helps organisations fulfil their hiring requirements quickly and without any administrative hassle and the need of an additional assessment. These candidates are pre-assessed on 54+ Job Success Attributes(Multiple Intelligences, aptitude, technical, personality, Skills and coding) via assessments that have been designed by our panel of experts who have 50+ years of collective experience in assessments. Automated Success Attributes matching is done to get a Auto-Match.

Custom FIT

We evaluate your “Best” employee
Each company has several job profiles depending upon its domain. For eg a typical software company requires developers, testers, technical support, operations…etc We can focus and evaluate such a candidate in your company. Depending on the role & responsibility of the profile our psychologists recommend specific attributes related to the successful achievement of the responsibility. These 54 attributes span across age appropriate and gender specific psychological measures such as Aptitudes, Intellectual Ability & Styles, Skills, Learning style, Personality traits & Multiple Intelligences.

We Share & you validate his attributes
We will pick the top 15 attributes that define your “Best” employee, share the same with your HR. Based on discussions we will finalize the attributes and weightages.

These Attributes become your benchmark profile
The Multiple Intelligences structure is used to integrate the 54 attributes into a cohesive structure that identifies and connects job relevant skills into a measurable, useful and applicable construct. This combination becomes your desired profile that gets saved in the computer.

You can customize weightage and attributes of profile
The attributes are then connected with the relevant weightages as researched and accepted by the market to give a Market Employability Quotient (MEAQ). We understand and respect the fact that each company based on their culture and domain may wish to customize the attributes and its weightage to create a Customized Employability Quotient (CMEAQ).

Our Analytics engine matches the benchmarked profile from database.
We can run the profile query against our existing database of evaluated candidates. As an alternative we can evaluate your prospective candidates and assist you in short-listing them

Short-listed candidates ready for interviews
These candidates are ready for a face to face interview, group discussions or other related steps in your company process

FIT on the MOVE

There are situations wherein a company does an internal hiring drive for Lateral hires. You end up getting 100+ resumes that need to be sieved through before the appropriate candidates are called for on-site interview. We have an extremely cost-effective solution for such situations that will result in a 50% reducing in hiring cycle with near-accurate qualitative profiles.

  1. 100% online model of delivery with on-demand analytics
  2. Flexible Dynamic Employability Platform accommodates every possible HR Talent acquisition and management scenario
  3. Patented “Attributes” based hiring solution with “Employability Scores” & “Quality Level”
  4. Process is 100% free until and unless a candidate gets hired

Entrepreneurship FIT

There are several reasons for Talent Assessment & Analytics Solutions (TAAS) to play the leadership role in figuring out the entry level participants in the area of Entrepreneurship. By introducing Integrity, Capability and Capacity to its short listing criteria its playing a major role of selecting the appropriate candidates and increasing the success percentage of entrepreneurship ventures

Integrity Evaluation: (Step 1)

Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles Having integrity means doing the right thing in a reliable way. It’s a personality trait and means a person has a moral compass that doesn’t waver. It literally means having “wholeness” of character, just as an integer is a “whole number” with no fractions. It’s a 20-30-minute evaluation, in a multiple answer selection format given via Computer Based Testing (CBT) mode. It focuses on Honesty, Trustworthiness and Validity of answers. A predefined score range assists us in making a decision on the candidates’ ability to go forward.

Capability & Competency: (Step 2)

There is historical data and precedence on the ability of an individual to be able to succeed in entrepreneurship. These psychometric attributes are related to psychological measures such as Aptitudes, Intellectual Ability & Styles, Skills, Learning style, Personality traits & Multiple Intelligences. It’s a 30-minute evaluation, in a multiple answer selection format given via Computer Based Testing (CBT) mode. A predefined score range assists us in making a decision on the candidates’ ability to go forward

Depending on the complexity of the profession and related challenges three levels of evaluations will be created. They will be classified as “High”, “Medium” and “Low”.

Candidate Profile: (Step 3)

A detailed 2.5 hr evaluation on 54 attributes will be conducted. The outcome will be a detailed SWOT analysis with remedial suggestions and if warranted interventions to address “Areas of Improvement”. The idea is to equip the candidate with an ability to grow holistically.

Entrepreneurship in India

Currently at number three, India is only two spots behind the US and UK to become the largest startup ecosystem in the world. The geographic advantage and the breakneck pace at which entrepreneurship is exploding in India, there’s only so much innovation and entrepreneurship that can happen on a land mass, that is UK, which is as big as the North Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, which can put it at the second spot in a year or two.

The US is more than triple the size of India and an altogether a different world for start-ups. Nonetheless, like the US, India’s growing metropolises beyond Delhi/NCR, Bengaluru and Mumbai that include more than 20 upcoming metros and tier 1 destinations are adding fuel to its fiery start-up space.

Entrepreneurship is vital to a vibrant, growth-oriented economy, and this is no less true in India, where the economy has grown sharply since the reforms of the early 1990s. India has two distinct advantages in terms of creating new entrepreneurs and start-ups at this particular time: it is facing a surge in its working-age population, when the rest of the world is confronting an aging citizenry; and it is able to leapfrog entire decades because of technology.

India’s high rate of economic growth (averaging over 7 percent annually) can only be sustained if approximately 1 million jobs are created per month. If India can, in the next decade, provide its next generation with the education and training for entrepreneurial ventures, it will not only create the jobs necessary to stay on a growth trajectory, it will foster more start-ups, accelerate growth, and spawn creative industries for the benefit of millions, including for many residing outside India.

In this era of globalization, fostering entrepreneurs, these days has become one of the prime concerns of the government policy makers. Thus, the most reliable tool for policy implementation to promote entrepreneurship should be thought of rather than focusing solely on macroeconomic conditions or access to finance. No doubt, such policies are important to broaden the base of entrepreneurs to start up a business but these policies alone will not suffice.

Government of India support schemes complements and supports other policies to create an environment conducive to entrepreneurial activities. In this connection, government support schemes are well designed and well-targeted for a fruitful outcome. The government constantly evaluates and revise existing programs.